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      <page pageid="6" ns="0" title="TestMaker version">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">Since testMaker is continuously enhanced and improved there are new package versions available from time to time. They are presented on this page. The current version is testMaker 3.3 (update 01/03/2010). It is available for download here: [ | / projects / test maker] &lt;br&gt; 

= Test maker 3.3 = 

== Advantages of Test Maker 3.3 (compared to version 3.0) == 

* Known bugs in version 3.0 have been corrected. 
* By changing the database structure is a more efficient handling of large amounts of data possible. The database is much smaller. 
* During the data export an SPSS Syntax is automatically created for the labeling of the variables. 
* Revised design: the bottom line of the testMaker is designed simpler. Details of the development team are combined under &quot;about test maker. 
* Statistics about test participants are displayed in the data report. 
* The manual pages have been updated. 
* External tools that use testMaker (eg fck-editor) have been updated. 
* TestMaker 3.3 is compatible with php 5.3. 

==Unresolved issues of version 3.3 == 

*'''Warning''': After the update from testMaker 3.0 to 3.3 test runs that were not completed before the update can no longer be continued! The feedback on completed test runs will be displayed without any difficulty.
* Due to changes in database structure a preview at the level of subtests is not possible anymore.
* Import / Export: Importing of tests does not work properly, thus not all links between items and feedback are maintained correctly. Especially with very long extensive tests time problems (timeout) can occur, so the test cannot be imported as a whole.</rev>