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Welcome to the testMaker Project-wiki! 

On this page the most important information about testMaker is summarized. 

TestMaker is a web-based software for presentation, administration and evaluation of psychometric tests. First and foremost testMaker is tailored to the needs of Web-based self-tests with performance feedback (self-assessments), but it can also be used in other online surveys. Using testMaker neither programming nor HTML knowledge is required. 

TestMaker is developed at the Department of Industrial and Organizational Psychology at the RWTH Aachen. The software testMaker is published since August 2007 under the terms of the [ | GNU General Public License (Version 2)] the Free Software Foundation. &lt;br&gt; &lt;br&gt; The current version of Test Maker is available for download here: [ | / projects / test maker] 

This Wiki will shortly be updated to the current Version testMaker 3.5. This current version is fully compatible to PHP 5.4.

&lt;br&gt; &lt;br&gt; Please use the '''navigation''' on the left to access the following menu items: 

*[[TestMaker version|testMaker 3.3 (current version)]] 
*[[Installation|installation guide]] 
*[[First steps with testMaker|first steps]] 
*[[Developer team|developer team]]</rev>