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At 31 January 2008


Test creation

  • Structuring of tests into components:
    • Text blocks: Groups of pages of text with instructions, information about the test, etc.
    • Item blocks: Groups of items
      • Shared settings possible (item type, layout, set of standardized item templates, time limit for the entire group, standard time limit of the items in the group)
      • Joint instruction text for all items in each group (optional)
      • Display more items per page within the group
      • Various item types:
        • Multiple Choice with one or more simultaneous selectable response alternatives, as checkboxes, radio buttons or drop-down list
        • Text fields (single or multiple line) for example for comments or cloze
      • Items can be assigned with a minimum and maximum processing time
    • Feedback blocks: Groups of feedback pages that display the participant results-feedback
      • Analysis based on "dimensions": result values of related items will be considered in conjunction
        • Adjusted surface to create dimensions for multiple-choice items and scales
        • Input arbitrary point values for each response alternative possible
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