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There are basically two ways to install testMaker:

Option 1: Setting up the testMaker locally on your own computer

This option is useful to try testMaker or to create or carry out tests, if there is no permanent Internet connection available. Using testMaker is limited however to one computer, since, for example there is not the possibility to participate in testing from other computers via internet. The locally-based tests and questionnaires in testMaker can later be easily transferred to a public (Internet-ready) testMaker installation.
A guide to local installation can be found here.

Option 2: testMaker to set up on a web server

In the second option, testMaker is installed on a public web server. In testMaker tests can be created in which participants can be taken part via Internet, eg as they will receive a link to the test.
A guide to installation on a web server can be found here.

The current version of testMaker can be downloaded here: | / projects / test maker

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